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Whole School Development

We are always striving to maintain high standards and continue to improve. Each year we celebrate the success and achievement of the school and evaluate what went well. We use a variety of different sources of information to set targets in order to further improve. Please read below to find out our achievements from the previous year and our school development priorities for the coming year.

Last year, our whole school priorities were:

To develop a new whole school approach to handwriting and implement a new handwriting policy.

In Year 1 and 2, teachers are modelling the agreed handwriting style based on ‘Best Handwriting’ scheme (Andrew Brodie). Children complete handwriting patterns in their handwriting books on a daily basis resulting in an improved and consistent handwriting style. Clear progress is evident in books. ‘Write from the Start’ daily fine motor control activities and ‘Copycat’ letter mats are used for pupils with specific difficulties. In Reception, tails on letters have been introduced with the result that the majority of children are joining pairs of letters and beginning to apply this skill independently.

To develop a new marking and feedback policy and simplify marking and feedback systems.

Teacher and adult comments reflect lesson targets and objectives. Teachers indicate corrections (Fix its) and next steps using a yellow highlighter with the result that children can independently correct errors at the start of the next lesson and know what to do to improve their work. Year 2 pupils are encouraged to edit and make changes to their work using a green pencil crayon.

Review and improve the learning environment both indoors and outdoors so that it scaffolds and supports learning through continuous and enhanced provision in the Early Years.

Nursery staff visited other Early Years settings to develop ideas. Nursery staff made changes to the continuous provision to develop smaller play areas and developed a new planning format which has enabled more focussed and differentiated activities. Resources and activities are changed or updated weekly. The introduction of writing books in the Nursery has enabled pupils to show their progress from September.

Review the structure of lessons to maximise learning for all groups of pupils.

Support staff are deployed effectively to implement interventions, give specific input to different ability groups of children, to support the delivery of each lesson or take a small group during lesson introductions to provide activities which are appropriate to individual needs.

This year, our whole school priorities are:

  • To continue to develop assessment procedures for reading, writing and maths.
  • To strive to narrow the attainment gap between SEND and Non-SEND and to increase the percentage of SEND pupils achieving the expected level at the end of Key Stage 1.
  • Through continued high expectations and challenge, ensure that a higher proportion of pupils attain a Good Level of Development at the end of EYFS and a higher proportion of pupils meet the phonic screening threshold in Year 1.
  • To embed 30 active minutes daily through active playtimes, PE lessons, Extra-curricular clubs and other sporting/physical activity events.
  • To ensure the school complies with all the relevant new legislation relating to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)