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Whole School Development

We are always striving to maintain high standards and continue to improve. Each year we celebrate the success and achievement of the school and evaluate what went well. We use a variety of different sources of information to set targets in order to further improve. Please read below to find out our achievements from the previous year and our school development priorities for the coming year.

Last year, our whole school priorities were:

Review and amend assessment procedures for Reading, Writing and Maths

All teachers are now using a ‘Sufficient progress tracking guide’ to support pupil assessment and to identify pupils who are on track or not on track to meet End of KS1 predictions based on end of EYFS profile scores.

Raise attainment and ensure that a higher proportion of pupils attain a Good Level of Development at the end of EYFS and a higher proportion of pupils meet the phonic screening threshold in Year 1.

Foundation Stage

Teachers have reorganised the structure of the day to make Phonics and Literacy a priority, by teaching them sequentially first thing in the morning. Reception staff are used to teach small intervention groups to support children at different phases within Phonics. In Nursery staff have started to teach Phonics earlier on in the year so by the end of Nursery all children will know their Phase 2 sounds. Maths intervention groups were also put in place to support number recognition and understanding of number. In Nursery Maths continuous provision is a priority. It is planned for weekly along with adult led activities.


Due to these changes, pupils made good progress and the good level of development increased significantly from 2018. Overall impact of actions has resulted in an increase in Reception pupils attaining a Good Level of Development from 58.3% in 2018 to 72.9% in 2019, an increase of 14.6%. GLD attainment was above both National and LA this year.


Plans are to be put in place to liaise with Year 1 teachers to identify any gaps within the development of pupils and ensure they are Year 1 ready.


Key Stage One

Phonic groups were re-organised. Daily phonic lessons are delivered within each class, following Phonics Play and Letters and Sounds planning. All staff use Espresso, Mr. Thorn, Spelling Play and Phonics Play as teaching aids to introduce new sounds and alternative sounds. TAs are deployed to work with smaller groups within the whole class lesson. They are also used more effectively to maximise learning opportunities and deliver targeted inputs to both SEND and Gifted & Talented groups. In Year 1, SEND children and those not on track to achieve the Phonic Screening Check pass have a buddy to spend five minutes playing phonic games with every lunch. The Phase games are appropriate to their phonic development. Each morning children do 10 minutes of ‘stop, drop and read’. If a child can’t read a word they are encouraged to write it down, use sound buttons and sound mats to decode the word. This is a skill that is taught and embedded in our Guided Reading lessons. Sound mats are accessible during every lesson.

The Literacy coordinator will continue to help raise the profile of phonics and in the autumn term 2019 will introduce displaying ‘nonsense’ words around the school. Phonic based websites which are more accessible for parents to access on home media are also being explored. The impact of these actions resulted in 75.9% of Year 1 pupils attaining the threshold in 2019, an increase of 22.6% since 2018.

To embed 30 active minutes daily through active playtimes, PE lessons, Extra-curricular clubs and other sporting/physical activity events.

‘Active Learning’ workshops and staff meetings have been delivered and follow up resources have been provided to meet the recommended 30 active minutes a day. The whole school has access to ‘Go Noodle’ which is being used on a daily basis. School based competitions continued and were attended at Outwood Brumby and The Pods for all year groups throughout the year. Kixxs education has been extended to Key Stage One and is being accessed by all year groups. Kixxs Education provides a weekly after school club.

A review of our multi-sports club is currently taking place with a view to offer alternative clubs in the next academic year. A staff rota is used to ensure a staff member is present and running the games area and activity trail every playtime (weather permitting). PE equipment is made available to all pupils every lunchtime.

To ensure the school complies with all the relevant new legislation relating to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The school has appointed a Designated Data Protection Officer. A GDPR audit has taken place and recommendations have been given to ensure the school is compliant with procedures. The work of the school to date was acknowledged in the audit and it was a positive report. Recommendations will be acted upon over the coming year and a further audit will take place in 2020.


This year, our whole school priorities are:

  • To review the current school curriculum to ensure that the school continues to provide a broad, rich and deep curriculum to promote meaningful and personalised learning which meets individual needs.
  • Further develop the accountability of middle leaders to continue to raise attainment and to sustain whole school improvement.
  • Review EYFS outdoor learning provision and re-develop the outdoor learning area, fit for purpose.
    To explore additional strategies to further improve pupil well-being and maximise pupil engagement and progress