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PE & Sports Funding Grant

PE Premium Report 2018-2019.

From 2013 the Government has provided additional funding to schools to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. The Government is not dictating how schools should spend this money, however, schools are accountable for how they spend their additional funding. The proposed funding will also be allocated to schools in the next academic year.

The funding amount schools receive is based upon the number of children of primary age the school has. The sport premium is to be used to Increase the quality & breadth of PE & Sport provision, and increasing participation in PE & Sport.

At Bushfield Infants School, we strive to promote healthy and active lifestyles and aim to provide sporting opportunities for all our pupils. Through PE and sport our children learn to develop important qualities such as discipline, communication, team work, sportsmanship and ambition, in the hope of achieving improved concentration, attitude and academic achievement.

This year the Sport Premium funding has remained the same as we continue to tackle childhood obesity.

The 2018 - 2019 Sport Premium funding was £17,170, this funding was spent in the following ways:

  • Membership of the local School’s Sports Partnership, providing SSCO partner and staff training

  • Hiring specialist qualified sports coaches to teach skills across EYFS and KS1 as continuing professional development for teachers.

  • Specialist qualified sports coaches and the PE coordinator to provide guidance, support and feedback to teachers.

  • PE coordinator to work closely alongside coaches to ensure a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum is planned and delivered across the school.

  • Pupils participated in sports events organised by the SSCo, and in inter school activities.

  • Development of our Emotional Wellbeing programme run in school ‘Happy to be me’

  • Implementation of new after school clubs, forging links with clubs within the community and offering a range of activities to the children

  • Development of leadership skills for the children to implement within the playground at Playtimes and Lunchtimes

Spending Academic Year 2018-2019



Impact of Actions

Local School Sports Partnership, including SSCo support. Including staff training


+£250 for Bespoke day of CPD

  • PE Coordinator and staff received the most current guidelines, allowing them to be more effective in their teaching.

  • All children offered new experiences and opportunities through whole school competition. Staff training on Active learning, active math’s.

  • Get Glowing event to promote physical activity to all children.

  • Bespoke day of Active Math’s and English training in class for Teachers to observe in KS1.

  • Up to date information and training, staff CPD, increased confidence in delivering the curriculum.

  • External sports events, inclusion of all children, leading to increased activity and enthusiasm.

  • Increased staff confidence in teaching the curriculum to the children.

  • New bank of ideas being evidenced in planning to provide active learning opportunities.

Future spending 2019/2020: The school has signed up for this support again for the coming year, including specialist support and in school staff training, CPD opportunities and competitive events within the local area. Access to inclusive events for those less active. Continue to develop children being active on average for 60 minutes a day per week. Bespoke training planned for Early Years.

Spending Academic Year 2018-2019



Impact of Actions

Kixxs Education


  • Weekly sessions for the Nursery children, with a specialist coach supporting Nursery staff in the delivery of high quality PE and improve the number of children reaching a Good level of development in physical development.

  • Sessions for KS1 and FS2 supporting the development of staff in delivering High Quality PE and improve development of skills.

  • Increased staff confidence in developing skills and ways to make these accessible for all children.

  • Increased balance and basic skills in the EYFS pupils, leading to increased levels of physical activity.

  • Progressive coaching.

Future spending 2019/2020: The school has signed up for further coaching with Kixxs Education, to continue improving the skills in EYFS and to increase the number of children achieving a good level of development.

Kixxs Education after school club to be offered to Years 1 and 2. Continue to develop links with sports/activities within the community.

Develop links with other clubs within the community.

Supply Costs


  • PE Coordinator released to attend local partnership forums, to receive updates on funding, courses, activities.

  • Pupils able to attend inter schools activities.

  • New initiatives investigated

Future spending 2019/2020: The school will continue to use some of the funding to release the coordinator for forum meetings, and for time to assess the development of PE within the school. PE Coordinator to continue own CPD to aid school progression.

Spending Academic Year 2018-2019



Impact of Actions

PE conference


  • Up to date information on Government guidelines.

  • Guidance for PE coordinator, leading to a wider understanding of the developments within Physical education.

  • Better understanding of the current Obesity initiative and changes to PE frameworks.

Future spending 2019/2020: PE coordinator to attend conference in the coming year.

Sportivator - Whole school sports event


  • Invictus athlete to speak to the children about their difficulties and how they have overcome them to succeed in sport.

  • Whole school to participate in drills circuit to promote an active lifestyle.

  • Children were inspired by the Invictus athlete and their story.

Future spending 2019/2020: No current plans.

Spending Academic Year 2018-2019



Impact of Actions

After school clubs

  • Range of activities offered to all pupils, including multi sports, gymnastics and Kixxs

  • Variety of pupils accessing activities, some of whom would not have opportunities available to them other than this.

Future spending 2019/2020: After school club provision to be monitored and reviewed on a termly basis. New Multi sports club already set up alongside Street dance based on feedback from leaver’s questionnaires. PE coordinator to explore different club possibilities. Explore Emotional Wellbeing opportunities as well as physical activities.

Get Going Programme


  • Targeted 6 week programme to develop confidence and positive behaviours in children who are experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.

  • CPD opportunity for learning mentor.

  • Positive feedback from those who took part.

Future spending 2019/2020:Learning mentor and PE Co-coordinator to develop current in house wellbeing programme ‘Happy to be me’ with new ideas, including more physical activity and promoting more leadership opportunities with those children who are less active to boost confidence.

New equipment/resources



  • Audit conducted and new equipment ordered.

  • Up to date Primary Steps planning resource, supporting teaching in both key stage 1 and Early years

  • Equipment has been replenished enabling high quality lessons to be delivered.

  • New ideas for supporting the delivery of High Quality PE.

Future spending 2019/2020: The school will continue to replace and extend equipment in order to ensure safety and variety, to promote active play and varied lessons.

Proposed Spending for the PE Premium



Intended Outcomes


Children to engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day of which 30 minutes should be in school.

*Active playtimes. Create the role of a play leader to support the delivery of games and activities during playtime.

*Further training for lunchtime supervisors if required through the Get Ahead membership.

* Target those less active children with experiences from the Get going programme that target less active children, prioritise for after school club, responsibilities such as Play leaders.

More children being physically active both in school and out.

Children supporting staff during playtimes.

To keep our Reception weight screening below the national standard.

Get ahead membership


Cost of new resources. Approx. £1000

Increase participation in competitive sports both within school and against other schools.

*Attend the organised events at the Pods arranged by The Get ahead partnership, competing against other schools in the local area.

*Attend organised events within our local cluster. TBA

All children attending at least 1 competitive event outside school.

Cost of transport £

Cost of cover for staff £

SSco cluster support £1700

To broaden experiences of pupils by providing a range of sports and activities.

Improve the range of after school clubs available for the children.

*Provide opportunities for the gifted and talented children. E.G. the EIS trip to Sheffield. Extra responsibility in promoting physical activity in school.

Use key sporting events such as The Rugby World Cup, Olympics to introduce new sports to the children.

Gifted and Talented children to attend events. EIS trip to Sheffield.

Mentoring less active children as play leaders.

More variety of after school clubs on offer. 4 nights a week.

After school club costs

Street Dance £35 per session

Drama £30 per session

Opportunities for rugby and basketball explored for later in the year.

To increase confidence, knowledge and skills in all staff teaching PE

*Kixxs Education to continue working with Nursery.

*Bespoke PE specialist to develop PD within foundation stage.

Coach Joe to work in Nursery alongside staff to provide high quality sessions, improving confidence and knowledge of skills for staff.

Providing positive male role models.

Continued improvement in PD scores at the end of FS1 and FS2.

Kixxs education package £6275

Bespoke support from PE specialist

(Kate Hill)


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