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PE & Sports Funding Grant

Proposed spending for 2018 – 2019

From September 2013 the Government have provided additional funding to schools to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. Under guidelines from the government on how the money can be spent, schools must be accountable for how the funding is spent throughout the academic year. This academic year the school has received £17,150 in total to spend.

How funding is being spent in the academic year 2018-2019:

  • Hire specialist quality sports coaches to deliver sessions in Nursery and Foundation stage.
  • Specialist qualified sports coaches and PE co-ordinator to provide guidance, support and feedback to all teachers through CPD.
  • Continue to provide professional development opportunities for all staff through regular training.
  • Buy new resources to support initiatives which encourage children to be more active throughout the school day.
  • PE Co-ordinator to work alongside coaches to ensure a broad and balance PE curriculum is being planned and delivered.
  • Time for the PE co-ordinator to be trained as a founder member of the North Lincolnshire PE faculty.
  • To continue to provide children with competitive opportunities off site.

PE action plan 2018/2019




Active Mascot

Every class to have a pedometer. Each day a different child will wear the pedometer. At the end of the week the steps will be collected and the Active … will be awarded to the most active class.

(Teachers to wear a pedometer too for just the hours of the school day. Some sort of award for the most active teacher)

To encourage the children to be more active throughout the school day.

-Active Mascot (soft toy)


Begin in 2nd spring half term


Healthy Homework

Add one piece of healthy homework to the weekly homework for the children to complete. If they wish to send a picture they can.

To encourage the children to be more active at home.

-List of challenges see attached sheet for examples.

January 2019

Active Playtimes

Create a bank of boxes with equipment and game cards in for playtimes. These stay only for playtimes so whoever is on games zone can quickly pick these up and play the games.

(Award marbles for being active at playtime). To support the children being active for at least 30 minutes in the school day.

-Boxes contain sports equipment and game card suggestions.

All staff to observe for marble rewards.

Begin the game boxes 2nd spring half term 2019 (better weather)

Games leaders

A group of children who apply for the positon to support the teachers on the game zone and the dinner ladies at dinner time to run games during playtime.

To develop leadership skills.

-Games leader bibs


Training to begin in January 2019. Role to begin 2nd Spring half term 2019.

Active home cards

A selection of cards which can be sent home to parents or attached to the website with a list of activities to encourage the children to be more active at home.

To provide ideas for parents to help encourage their children to be active for 60 minutes a day.

-Active home cards

End of Autumn term 2018.

Whole year group competition

Each year group competes once in a competition day. The children will be split into groups (trees, animals?) At the end of the year there will be a cup for the group who has gained the most points from the 3 combined competitions.

To understand sportsmanship and to provide opportunity for competition.


Children split into groups

2nd spring half term 2019.

Get Going Wellbeing Programme

A targeted programme designed for those children who need support with their emotional wellbeing, low self-esteem, confidence, anxiety and behaviour.

To support children with their emotional wellbeing.

X2 blocks of 6 weeks with an after school club included.

Spring term 2019.

Active Questionnaire

Questionnaire to be completed by children at the beginning of spring term. Then again at the end of the summer.

To monitor how active our children are being.

Questionnaire, see attached example.

1st spring half term 2019 and then repeated 2nd summer half term 2019.

Intra school competitions

Children to compete in intra school competitions at Outwood Brumby. One competition for all year groups.

Opportunity will also arise for competitions at the PODS for KS1 children.

To provide competitive opportunities in a different setting.

Risk assessment

Ongoing throughout the year. See sports calendar.

External CPD

Primary gymnastics course

Balance bike training for nursery/FS

Active learning/active maths

To upskill staff.

Autumn term 2018

Autumn term 2018

Spring term 2019

External sports coach to work with Nursery and Foundation Stage

(Mini Kicks)

To ensure that staff are confident in delivering a range of skills based sessions including how to resource the sessions correctly, ideas for teaching and the delivery and assessment of PE.

Ongoing throughout the year.

Release time for PE Co-ordinator

To attend training and relevant course both for school and as a mentor in the PE faculty.

Ongoing throughout the year.

PE specialist

A PE specialist will come in for the day to work with class teachers in the classrooms to show how physical activity can be part of everyday lessons.

2nd spring half term 2019.