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If you are a prospective parent, already a member of our school community, or just interested in finding out more about the school, thank you for visiting our website and welcome.

Our school was graded as "Outstanding" by OFSTED in every area and in March 2015 we won a prestigious Character Award launched by the DFE. The school was a regional winner for Yorkshire and Humber and was one of only 27 successful schools. The award recognises the hard work and commitment of the school in preparing young children for success in their future years.

Bushfield Infants is a busy, happy and friendly school community where we are dedicated to providing the best education for all our pupils, enabling each individual to achieve the very best they can.

At Bushfield Infants, we provide a positive and safe learning environment where all children feel valued and secure. We are committed to providing a rich and exciting curriculum, which encourages all children to meet challenges with enthusiasm and inspires them to succeed. At the heart of our school is a strong commitment to raising children's self-esteem and self-confidence, which enables them to become confident lifelong learners.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school directly with any queries you may have.

We look forward to meeting you.

Mrs. T Bass
Head Teacher

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Year 2 Aspiration Project 2016

‘A brilliant achievement, especially from such young children.  This will have enhanced their understanding of the production of books from idea to sales-point in a way few people will ever experience for themselves, unless they are fortunate enough to get their own books published!’

Fiona Wilding, Chair of governors

‘It has been a huge pleasure to work with the children and teachers at Bushfield Road Infant School. Creating a book is no small task and everyone rose to the challenge. The children thought about what they wanted to tell their readers and how best to get their aspirational message across. Then they worked hard to make it a reality. The result is, I Want To Be! -  A book to inspire readers to do great things! Parents and teachers should be proud - if your children are doing such great work now, just think what they'll do in the future! ‘

Addy Farmer, Author

‘I think that the children's message of 'I can be anything I want to be' epitomises the value of raising aspiration thorough positive engagement with the world of work within our community. The presentation by the children was a credit to the school and reflects the high expectations at Bushfield Road Infant school in every respect: behaviour; learning; social and emotional wellbeing and sheer enjoyment!’

Heather Taylor, School Improvement Partner

‘All of those bright and truly aspirational faces and so proud!

A really inspirational project that was a fine example of what can be achieved through real community input.

I would like to be a fly on the wall in 15 or so years’ time to see which career paths these children embarked on…..!’

Julie Lane, Lead Officer School Improvement

‘What a fantastic book launch. The children sang beautifully. Well done to all involved!’

‘What an amazing achievement for all the children involved to have their own book published!’

Sarah Tipler, Development Officer Professional Standards Communication & language

“Congratulations to all of the children, authors, illustrators, researchers and publishers on the very successful launch of their brilliant book, ‘I want to be’, it’s great! I felt really proud to have been invited to get involved and love the finished product. As parent of a primary aged school pupil myself who is an absolute football fanatic, I want him to set goals and aspire to be the very best he can be, in whatever he chooses to do. I was therefore very keen to be involved supporting this project and I hope that in some way I have encouraged the children to aim high and follow their dreams”.

Brian Laws, former professional footballer and football manager

“I loved the enthusiasm that the project created amongst the children – it really gave them a spark. The emphasis on the enterprise was strong throughout so the children could make the link between different the transferable skills they were developing at school and how these were applied to a range of careers”.

Jane Laws, LEAD Officer Learning & Development and Study Parks

The ' I want to be! ' book launch was a very proud occasion for Bushfield Infants School. It was a really aspirational project that embraced the schools commitment to including enterprise skills across the curriculum.  The book looks great and clearly shows the children had a really enjoyable time thinking about what they want to be when they're older and being inspired by the several professions that contributed via the learning carousel.

Well done children, staff and local businesses on a very inspirational and successful project.

Sarah Westfield, School Governor

‘A quick note to say how impressed I was with the book launch. The kids were pretty amazing. I am proud to have been involved.’

Steve Turnbull, School Governor

Following a successful book launch on July 5th, I have received a wealth of positive feedback from parents, governors, representatives from The Local Authority and from those participating in the project. I would like to thank everyone involved and particularly the Year 2 teachers and the children for their hard work and dedication. It was a fantastic achievement.

Please see the lovely comments below:

‘I was hugely impressed by all the work that had gone into the book! It was lovely to see how hard the children had worked and how proud they were. I felt honoured my son had been part of it. We’ve read the book many times and shown it to everyone.’

‘What an amazing project for my daughter to be involved in. She is so proud of the book – as am I!’

'Absolutely amazed and blown away by each and every child who took part in making this book.’

‘Evie was so proud of the book and the wonderful work they have done to create it together. She was impressed that the rocket on the front cover is the one she had helped to make.’

‘I think the book launch assembly was brilliant. I liked the fact that the children have been encouraged to think about what they want to be and have come away with the belief that they can do anything they want to do with hard work and determination.

‘Ethan was very excited to be involved in making a book and would come and tell us how it was progressing and all about the different people he’d met and the jobs they do. We particularly enjoyed the film show at the launch assembly. It was very touching watching the children enjoying themselves working, and seeing how much they’d grown since starting nursery and how they have progressed.’