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Week 3 Reception w/c 15.06.20

This week we are learning about the story Billy's Bucket. 

Billy decides that he would like a bucket for his birthday. His Mum and Dad are very confused and don't quite understand why he wants one. They decide to take him to Buckets 'R' Us, he searches high and low, he sees football buckets, builders buckets, seaside buckets and many more. He finally comes to an aisle which is piled high with yellow buckets, which all look exactly the same. However, Billy knows that the bucket he has chosen is special and like no other bucket. He fills his bucket up with water and discovers so many sea creatures in it such as, dolphins, whales and even a scuba diver. His Mum and Dad decide to trick Billy and ask if they can use it to water the plants, make wallpaper paste and even wash the car. Billy is not very happy at all and he tells them. 'YOU MUST NEVER EVER BORROW MY BUCKET'. Unfortunately, when Billy gets up in the morning he cannot find his bucket anywhere, he opens the door and there on the street is a huge whale. 'It took Billy's Mum and Dad six hours, three fire engines, four cranes and a shoe-horn to get the whale back in the bucket. They never borrowed Billy's bucket ever again.

This week we are writing sentences to describe sea creatures such as 'I can see a small, yellow and black angel fish'.

We are also learning about addition and carefully counting along a number line to find an answer.

For Understanding the World, we are going to be learning how to grow sunflowers and planting our own. We will then be writing instructions for how to grow them.

Below are some activities for you to complete: