Bushfield Road Infant School


Nature Club

Nature Club is a free after school club led by our Year 2 teacher, Mrs Priest. Nature club is for Year 2 pupils only and aims to help develop the children’s knowledge of our science curriculum through hands on and exciting activities.

At Nature Club we learn about animals, their diets and habitats. We look after the wildlife garden by weeding, planting, tidying, and providing food and water.

We have spotted so many different animals, such as squirrels, foxes and hedgehogs in our garden using our night vision cameras. We now have some froggy friends living in our wildlife garden too!

As well as exploring and working in the wildlife garden, we also research animals in the classroom, watch the footage from our cameras and make things for the wildlife garden such as bird and butterfly feeders.

The club is welcome to all Year 2 children and runs for 5 weeks at a time. If your child does not get a place they are put on a waiting list for a later date and will be notified when a place is available.