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Year 2 African Safari Project

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Meerkat Mail - Emily Gravett

Hello Year 2!

My name is Sunny. I am a meerkat and I live in the desert with my meerkat family. I like beetles on toast (with insect larvae), daydreaming and digging holes. I have lots of animal friends and people come on safari to see us. I really enjoy playing on safari with my animal friends – I like watching my tall giraffe friends eating leaves from the treetops or my hippo friends rolling in the mud!

I have heard that you are all brilliant at investigating and exploring new things, so I have sent you some special treats and ideas to explore our Year 2 African Safari project. Maybe you could create some safari animals of your own? Or use them to create stories? Can you make a meerkat like me?

Perhaps you could write me a letter about what you find out about going on safari. You could send me some photos and pictures too!

I hope you have fun learning all about going on safari and all about my animal friends.

From Sunny x

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